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Alltel Ringtones

We have tested and support the majority of alltel phones. The following are Sample Videos of Alltel Handsets which we have tested and successfully been able to set and download free ringtones.

You have 2 free options for downloading free alltel ringtones.
  1. Use Your Phone's Axcess Browser
    • Sign Up Here to get started. Registration is fast and free.
    • You can then use our free service to Create Ringtones from your own music files.
    • Once you have created a ringtones, we will supply you with an address or URL to your free ringtone.
    • Manually opening your phone's Axcess browser by going to your phone's Main Menu.
    • Once browser is open, Click on the top soft menu button labeled Menu
    • Scroll down to Go To URL and click on that.
    • Type the full address of the ringtone that we provided.
    • Wait for your browser to download the ringtone.
    • You will be asked to save your ringtone , and then you will be given the option to Set as Ringtone.
    • For more specific handset instructions, click here.
  2. If you do not have internet on your phone , use Alltel's Axcess My Pic's free Upload Service.

We are absolutely free and will never charge you anything at all.

Free Alltel Ringtones

Alltel Video Instructions

Tested Handsets

1. LG Scoop AX260 Ringtone Video   

2. Motorola Z6m ROKR Ringtone Video   

3. Blackberry 7130e Ringtone Video   Polyphonic Only

4. Blackberry 7250 Ringtone Video   Polyphonic Only

5. Motorola Q Ringtone Video

6. Motorola Rzr V3c Ringtone Video

7. Palm Treo 700p Ringtone Video