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Free Ringtones for the LG Scoop - Alltel

The following is a step by step tutorial on how to make your own free ringtones for the LG Scoop and also free ringtones for the LG Banter. We know that this tutorial is very useful because Alltel tries their very best to block all of their phones. There is absolutely no reason for you to have to pay $2.50 for one short ringtone from Alltel.

Using the method described below you will be able to use your own songs from your pc and convert them into ringtones for most Alltel phones. This article will focus on the LG Scoop .

Supported Phones

  1. Scoop - UX / AX - 260
  2. Banter - UX / AX - 265

Make Your Own Ringtone with Our Free Online Ringtone Maker

  1. You will need mp3 files to make your ringtones.
  2. You can find mp3 files by purchasing them online for under $1 from sites like Walmart Music Store,, or burning them from your existing CD's.
  3. Click on the Create Free Ringtones link
  4. Select the mp3 file on your computer and upload it to our servers.
  5. Select the 30 second portion (or less than 30 secs) of the song that you would like to use as your ringtone for your Scoop.
  6. When done click on the Create Ringtone button and wait a couple of seconds.

Send the Ringtone to Your LG Scoop Phone

You have 2 Options to download and install the ringtone on your phone.

Option #1

  • Click on the Send To Phone button and we will text your free ringtone inside a text message.

Option #2

  • Open Your Phone's Axcess Browser and type in the Link that We Provide after you make your ringtone.

Set the Ringtone Within Your Cell Phone's Menu

  1. Go to your Phone's Text Message Inbox
  2. Open the Text Message from Ventones with your Ringtone
  3. Click on the top right menu option called Options
  4. Scroll down and Click on Go To Website
  5. Highlight and Click on the line that says
  6. Wait 10 or 20 seconds for the ringtone to download
  7. Click on the top left menu option called My Media
  8. Scroll until you see the the name of your free ringtone
  9. Click on the top right menu option called Options
  10. Click on Set As and then click on Ringtone

  11. Decide if you want to use the ringtone for
    1. All Calls
    2. CallerID
    3. Restricted
  12. You're done. That's how to make your own ringtones for the lg scoop for FREE !

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