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Free Sprint Ringtones Without Internet

The following is a step by step tutorial on how to make your own free ringtones and load them onto your cell phone without internet or Sprint Vision on your phone. This tutorial with specifically focus on Sprint cell phones. We receive many customer support requests with questions similar to - How do I make ringtones for my sprint phone without using my phone's internet? We understand the problem because Sprint is one of those carriers that does not allow mp3 files stored in the memory card to be used as ringtones. We will teach you step by step on how to convert audio files into ringtones which can be transferred to your phone, and set as ringtones. The secret in making this work is by tricking your phone into thinking that the ringtone is not a music file.

We have seen this method described in other places but it involves using 3 different programs to get this to work. One program to make a ringtone out of an mp3 file. Another program to convert the ringtone into a sprint file, and another program to access your phone's file system to transfer the ringtone.

We've made everything very easy for you, and all you need is an mp3 file to get this to work.

However, you do need a couple of peaces of hardware (which every new phone brings in the box). Our One year old LG Muziq shipped with an sd card and a data cable which means that all new phones should provide them.
  • A Memory Card for your phone.
  • A USB data cable Or a Memory Card Reader Or a Bluetooth Dongle

Supported Phones

We have tested the following phone models, and this method is guaranteed to work. (We are asking everyone that gets this to work contact us via our support page so we can keep this tutorial as consistent and informative as possible).

Samsung Sprint Phones:

Samsung Rant M540
Samsung Instinct

LG Sprint Phones:

LG Muziq
LG Rumor

Sanyo Sprint Phones:

Sanyo Katana DLX

Sign Up with

  1. All you need is some basic information.
  2. Go to the Create Ringtone Page (tab on the left menu).
  3. Upload your mp3 file and Make your Free Ringtone
  4. Click on the link at the bottom called
    [ Click Here for Special Instructions]
  5. That will create your special file and you will be redirected to this page again.

Transfer the File to Your Cell Phone

  1. Insert your memory card into your phone.
  2. Connect your data cable from Phone to PC.
  3. Your phone will give you the following options:

            Transfer Music
            Mass Storage
            Phone as Model

  4. Using Windows Explorer browse to your memory card's drive.
  5. Double click on the folder called DCIM in your memory card
  6. Double click on the folder that starts with 100
  7. This is the folder where you will need to copy and paste the file that we created for you

Select the Ringtone Within Your Cell Phone

Sprint Phones Must Do This

  1. Go to your Phone's Main Menu
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Scroll down and Click on Sounds
  4. Scroll down and Click on Ringer Type
  5. Scroll down and Click on Voice Calls
  6. Select Caller ID or No Caller ID
  7. Select Caller ID or No Caller ID
  8. Scroll to My Albums
  9. Select Memory Card
  10. Scroll until you see the the graphic of a young baby boy. That is the file
  11. Click on the top menu button called Assign

Bell Phones Must Do This

  1. Go to your Phone's Main Menu
  2. Click on Pictures
  3. Scroll down and Click on Photo Album
  4. Scroll down and Click on Memory Card
  5. Click on the Top Left Soft Button called Expand
  6. Click on the Top Right Soft Button called Options
  7. Select Assign (Incoming Calls)
  8. Select Caller ID

That's it! You now have a free ringtone without using your phone's internet and without internet access.

Tell us What Model works for you

Send us a Message at our Support Page with your exact phone model so that we can add it to this tutorial. That way other members can benefit as well.